How To: Speak Smallholder! With My New ‘Smallholder Glossary’ Series

Starting out the in the world of farming involves an extremely steep learning curve and you can feel overwhelmed with the new phrases, words and terms involved. If you are not from a farming background it is not uncommon for you to not have heard words such as ‘gimmer’, ‘dagging’, ‘gilt’, ‘weaners’ or ‘tupping’ before, and let’s face it why would you need to know the meaning of these words if you aren’t involved with farming anyway!?

When I first started out it was a huge task to remember all the phrases and understand the terminology involved. To make it harder, there are usually several different names for the same thing and don’t get me started on regional/generational variances!

To make things easier for anyone just starting out with farming or perhaps you too are looking to start your own smallholding, I have started my ‘Smallholder Glossary’ to cover all the words and phrases that I struggled with when I was new to the industry!

Follow my Twitter¬†or Facebook to receive a Smallholder Glossary word or phrase every Saturday! I have copied the first week’s word below to get you started!

Speak soon!

Katie x

Smallholder Glossary by @FemaleFarmerUK.png

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