How To: Make Raspberry & Prosecco Jam

This recipe was one I slightly created by combining two recipes (an Abel and Cole‘s one and a BBC Good Food one).

It appealed to me because I love making jam and with a splash of fizz I simply could not resist!


  • 700g Raspberries
  • 680g Golden Caster Sugar
  • 200ml Prosecco – but of course a whole bottle will need to be purchased – hic’!
  • Knob of Butter – a teeny, tiny piece!



  • Jars x 6 + lids – I used 190ml size
  • An Oven
  • Potato Masher
  • Spatula
  • Jam Thermometer
  • Spoon
  • Funnel
  • Heavy-Bottomed Saucepan
  • Measuring Jug
  • Scales



1. Turn the oven up to 160c.

2. Place all the raspberries in your heavy-bottomed saucepan, using the masher to break up the fruit. Bring the mashed fruit to the boil.

3. Turn down the hob to a low heat, then add the prosecco and sugar.

4. Once the sugar has completely dissolved (it won’t take long!) bring the mix to the boil again. While you are waiting, place the empty jam jars and lids into the oven, to disinfect them.

5. Remove the pan from the heat once it has reached 105c, this will take about 5-10 minutes, do not stir the jam while this is happening – do not be tempted to remove the pan from the heat until this temperature has been reached or the jam will not set. 

6. Using a spoon, skim the frothy scum off the top of the jam and discard.

7. Stir the knob of butter across the surface of the jam to dissolve the rest of the scum.

8. Remove the empty jars from the oven and leave to the side to cool, while you are doing this leave the jam to cool and set slightly – this will make it easier to dispense the jam into the jars.

9. Using a funnel and a spoon, fill each jam jar to the required level. Screw the lids onto the jars, while the jam is still hot to ensure a seal is created.

10. Once the jam has fully cooled, don’t forget to label them! They will need to be kept in a cool, dry cupboard and will keep for over a year. Once opened however they will need to be refrigerated and used within 4 weeks.


The uses of this yummy Raspberry and Prosecco Jam are…

  • As part of a delectable cream tea, dolloped on a freshly-baked, warm scone.
  • A great gift idea for your favourite Prosecco lover.
  • Delicious inside a Victoria Sponge.


This really is an easy recipe and great for those who want to try something new! Plus you get to drink the rest of the prosecco when you have finished!

Speak soon

Katie x

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