Two Townies Go Lambing: Intro

So I have less than 5 days before my lambing season starts and to say I am unprepared is an understatement. I have just made my way through a mammoth shopping list, ordering a few items online then I have a trip planned for tomorrow up to Mole Valley to pick up the last bits. With licky buckets, lamb creep and lamlac to pick up, it is going to be an expensive day but it will save me a trip to the gym once I have lifted it all in and out of the truck.

For lambing season I am going back down to 24 hours a week at work, which is a slight relief, but does still mean I have to find time to be in the office, while fitting in my lambing checks, oh and dealing with an extreme lack of sleep. But the bills still have to be paid and obviously I still need my job. Luckily, my office is just up the track from my lambing barn so to drive down there, check the sheep and drive back will only take 25 minutes. It is when I find a sheep in labour that I will have to work out what I am going to do regarding getting back to work, I expect a lot of overtime in May to say sorry might be the answer!

A change in circumstances means I will be 24/7 lambing by myself, while trying to hold down a part time job and eat, and sleep, and occasionally have a shower! Luckily, one of my good friends came to Devon with me in January to learn all about lambing, and although she works full time on the same farm as me, she is going to help me out as and when she can. The fact that for the next three weeks she is working 50 hour weeks and she is also moving house, well I could say that maybe I should have picked a better lambing assistant – haha! But it will all be fine, us two townies will get the job done regardless, even if by mid-May I have no hair left and resemble a Roald Dahl Twit.


Although we have both seen sheep give birth and have learnt all about lambing on courses, neither of us have ever been solely responsible for lambing a flock so this is an incredibly big step for the two of us. Fingers crossed we have an easy ride and as few complications as possible. Did I mention that all of my ewes are first time mums, and the ram used was unproven, and I haven’t had any of the girls scanned, and we are lambing in a barn a fifth the size of the one I had originally asked to use. Yes, what I am trying to say is, we haven’t made it easy for ourselves.

Earlier in the year I did have a lightbulb moment however and did get sell on most of my breeding flock so we do not have the monumental task that I had originally planned to tackle. Still I did leave the ram in for three weeks so I still have to wait around until the very last ewe has popped and knowing my luck that will be on the very last day possible.

I am hoping that I have lots of good news to report so please watch this space for regular ‘Two Townies Go Lambing’ updates. Though as always, I will be honest with my posts and there may well be downs as well as ups.

Speak soon

Katie x

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