Snow Arrives in Creeksea

For the past two days we have been experiencing heavy snow showers in Creeksea thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’. It is the first time it has snowed properly since I moved here, back in 2013, and it really is beautiful. It has made the farm seem so still and calm (mainly because no one wants to visit us in this weather – and who can blame them?) but it does mean the jobs list every morning and night has doubled in length! I have never had to break so much ice before in my life…

The temperatures plummeted to -5c last night, which is the coldest I can remember experiencing in the UK in a long, long time. In fact I cannot remember a time when it was this cold in Essex! I have been busy de-icing, double feeding and checking on the animals to make sure this cold spell isn’t affecting them too much but I did have some time to take some photos. This is the place I get to call home… Aren’t I lucky?!

I hope the weather isn’t too awful where you are? And you’re keeping wrapped up and safe. I’m off out to break some more ice and check on the sheep (hopefully I can get to their field!). This was the animals yesterday, let’s see how their coping with day two of the snow!

Speak soon

Katie x

4 thoughts on “Snow Arrives in Creeksea

  1. I live in a caravan on a farm in Yorkshire and our water pipes haven’t thawed all day. I’m wanting a shower and to do dishes so I can cook! Never mind making a warm drink! The photos are beautiful. I love the ones of the sheep!

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