How To: Make My Coconut & Lime Body Scrub

My Coconut & Lime body scrub is pretty renowned amongst my friends and family. At Christmas I make huge batches of the stuff, to dish out as cute handmade gifts and to fulfil the requests from friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. It would appear that its fruity fragrance and moisturising effect rivals that of products available from the high street. Not only does it look great on your bathroom shelf and make your skin feel amazing, it is also super simple and cheap to make! So here is what you need, where you can buy it from and how you do it…


Ingredients for about 200g of scrub



  • Scales
  • Microwave
  • Microwaveable dish
  • Tablespoon
  • Labels
  • A glass jar (mine were from Ikea or you can recycle old jam jars)



  1. Place your coconut oil in a microwaveable dish then melt it in the microwave. I take the dish out every 20 seconds to stir then return until fully melted. This will take about 40-60 seconds depending on your oil.
  2. Pour all of the melted coconut oil onto the granulated sugar and stir until fully combined.
  3. Add the lime essential oil, I find 12 drops makes the fragrance strong enough to last without it becoming overpowering, but feel free to use as much as you like!
  4. Add the desiccated coconut and stir together.
  5. Spoon into your jars, pressing lightly with the back of your spoon to avoid large air spaces forming in the jar.
  6. Add labels (time to get creative, I made mine using Canva then printed on to card that I stuck on to the jar with a glue gun) and voila it really is that easy!


The scrub is perfect for exfoliating skin in the shower or bath. Rub the scrub onto damp skin in a circular motion, then wash off any remaining scrub and massage in the remaining oils. The scrub will keep for several weeks.


From start to finish this should not take you longer than 15 minutes and all in all will cost you around £1 to make, plus the cost of your jar if you choose to buy one but you can then reuse the jar the next time you want to make this gorgeous scrub!

I make these little pots of joy as part of my homemade beauty hampers, as seen below. Watch this space, or follow the site, to find out how I make the rest of the products including relaxing bath salts, goat’s milk soap, shea butter body butter and peppermint foot scrub!



Speak soon

Katie x

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