How To: Buy The Best Christmas Presents for the Farmer in Your Life

Ok, so it’s early December. The shops are already full of Christmas cards, indecisive dawdlers and screaming children – Season’s Greetings! I tend to avoid any form of shopping between the last weekend in November and the second weekend in January just to avoid scenes of this description. It also helps to keep my sanity and car ‘ding’-free. However I know a lot of you, me included, have not yet started your Christmas shopping and now there is a hard to buy for lady/gentlemen in your life who appears to have everything already (well they have you right?). Panic stations.

Fear not reader, being a farmer myself and knowing a fair few in the ‘farming game’, I have compiled a list of presents that I personally would love to find under the tree come Christmas Day! And the best part is, they can all be purchased from the comfort of your armchair, tractor seat or hay bale and delivered in time for Christmas! Enjoy…

  1. Welly Slippers – ‘Sloppas’ -the brilliance of this invention cannot be understated. It is incredibly frustrating having to scrabble around at the front door untying boots or detaching what feels like a vacuum-packed foot from a welly when you are in a rush. So what do you do? You leave them on, tread mud (or something worse – livestock farmers unite) throughout the house and regrettably leave a trail behind you. Not any more, just slip your ‘booted’ foot into the slipper and walk without trepidation over your cream carpet to your desired destination mud & faeces free.


2. Head Torch Beanie – The woolly hat + head torch relationship has never been a good one. It is a compromise most farmers dread once the bitter Winter weather comes around; you can have a warm, toasty head but be unable to see what you are doing or you lose an ear to frostbite but have a small chance of being able to navigate your hands in front of your face. We have all been there but rejoice this nifty hat with… wait for it… hands-free sewn-on head torch, is here to save the day!


3. Swafega Hand Care Kit – now this may seem like an incredibly dull Christmas present, but honestly if this turned up under my Christmas Tree I may scream like a little girl again. The truth is, farming will destroy your hands. And I don’t mean “oh my hands are a little dry, let’s put some moisturiser on them, there all better”. I mean your hands turn into what can only be described as dragon skin. They are dry, they are cracked, they are red raw, oh hi there dermatitis my old friend… and yes you did wear gloves to begin with but by the time the third pair ripped into two, you gave up and dived head first into the iodine… No farmer will ever, ever become a hand model, hence the need for a hand care kit of industrial strength. The best part about this particular kit is that it is water free so can be hooked up in the back of their vehicle and has a three stage set up that includes a barrier cream.


4. Waterproof, Thermal Overalls – No Bull Padded Coveralls – I think I fell in love the first time I wore my waterproof, thermal overalls. I wear them every day in Winter and if your other half is farming in anything other than these bad boys then you need to pop them under the Christmas tree this year. Imagine them coming home and you not having to hear the inevitable ‘I’m cold’ or ‘I’m wet through’. They would certainly be worth the investment then, a gift for both of you perhaps.


5. A Day Off – sorry there’s no shopping link for this one. But really this is the most desired present by all farmers. If there is a way that you can wangle a day off for your very hardworking, very lovely farmer, then please, please do it! Farming is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year job and they certainly do not get the praise they deserve. A lot of farmers will be working every day this year, including Christmas Day, and just one day off to enjoy a day out with family or even a day of doing nothing will forever be appreciated. I won’t for a moment suggest that they won’t spend the whole day worrying and ‘checking everything is ok’ back at the farm but at least give them the opportunity to step away even just for one day.


Good luck with your Christmas shopping and if I don’t speak to you before have a lovely Christmas!

Speak soon

Katie x



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