So Much for a Weekly Post..

I’m sorry, it is hard to keep up with blogging, farming, working and everything else that life throws at you, so it appears a whole month has passed since I last published to my site. It hasn’t been a quiet life that is for sure and aside from ensuring I stay up-to-date with Dr Foster (essential) I haven’t had time for much relaxing unfortunately.

We did manage two trips up to London in the past few weeks, which is highly unusual as I frankly detest cities, the tube and crowds of people – but needs must – we had mine and my step-dad’s birthdays to celebrate. The first time we went to see Motown the Musical, which is amazing! I love music from that era anyway and the singers and dancers are astounding. I would recommend it to anyone. The tickets are a little pricey, though I received these two as a birthday gift. is the place to go if you do want cheap theatre tickets, I once paid just £26 for tickets to see the Lion King in the summer holidays (a fact I am extremely proud of!). Just before the show began we went to Flat Iron for a delicious steak! This restaurant is without a doubt my favourite place to eat in London, reasonably priced, great food BUT you can’t book and it is very popular so don’t always expect to be able to get in.



The second trip up to London was to visit an escape room, an experience I had purchased for my step-dad’s birthday as he loves puzzles and brain teasers. This particular experience was set in a disused underground station near Camden and had a WW2 theme. It was brilliant but bloomin’ tricky! I won’t give anything away as that is the thrill of it but again I would really recommend it. After we popped over to St Katharine’s Docks and had a meal in Cau, the food was really good and so were the cocktails but it was a bit too fancy and busy in there for my liking and there were several mistakes with the order – I’m not going to be rushing back!

Back to farm life, we have two new pigs, they’re not named as I have learnt that animals that I plan to eat are best off name-less. They’re two Tamworth cross Berkshire boys who just love to root around and make a mess and have broken into the girls’ pen twice already. Don’t you just love them! I don’t know why I keep getting pigs they cause me nothing but headaches. But their characters are entertaining and they do produce the most delicious pork. I managed to get them at a great price too and they will be ready in a month’s time for eating so all in all a good business decision… Just a pain in the neck in the meantime…


A big plus for me this month was being able to return my two sick sheep from earlier in the year back to the main flock. It was an awful time for me, discovering that two of my sheep had succumbed to fly-strike and it was horrendous to see an animal suffering. What astounded me was the speed the sheep went from perfectly well to on death’s door, all from a little blow-fly. The girls were due their clik anyway so we had rounded the sheep up ready and noticed one of the Southdown’s was a little itchy, when we cut away the fleece the affected area was surrounding her back end and the maggots had eaten right into the skin. The second sheep, an Oxford Down, was in much worse condition and she couldn’t even stand herself upright, we called the vet as we wanted a second opinion – was she too far gone or was it worth helping her fight for her life? What a horrendous decision to make and I admit, I feared the worst. When the vet got to us it was her third fly strike visit of the weekend; the damp, warm weather was perfect for the flies and the local sheep were suffering as a result. She worked her magic and gave the Oxford a 50:50 chance of surviving the night. 2 months after the frightful discovery I am pleased to say that both girls have survived, they’re both back to their normal selves and I have finally paid that gastronomic vet bill. Here they are re-joining the group, the purple spray distinguishing them from the others.

So a month of ups and downs and all sorts of in-betweens. But farm life is certainly not boring! Speak soon, hopefully before October comes around and we’re winding clocks back, waking up and coming home in the dark and popping scary orange faces on our doorstep (must not make Trump-pumpkin comparison…)

Speak soon

Katie x

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